Everything You Need For Fuller, Sexier Hair, Or Your Money Back!

Each pack of Toxique Girl comes with everything you need to start getting the best from your hair. Our top quality Argan, Rosemary, Mint and Castor Oils work together to fight everything slowing your hair's natural growth. We've specially filtered our oils have more of the compounds that actually grow your hair than anyone else! All individually packed so you can adjust for sensitive scalps. And if you use it as described for 3 months and don't have great results, we'll refund you no questions asked. Join 1000s of happy Toxique Girls today!

  • Thicken Your Hair!

    We've all seen the tiktok and insta trends. That may well even be why you're here. All our Rosemary oil is tested to make sure it contains enough of the phytosterols that actually help grow and thicken your hair.

  • Fight Frizz With Argan

    Our pure argan oil is rich in all the good fatty acids, particularly linoleic and oleic acid. These are some of the best natural moisturizers around helping you beat frizz and split ends as well as protecting your hair from UV damage and preventing premature aging.

  • Love Your Scalp With Mint

    The Menthol in mint helps beat itching and irritation, as well as dandruff. And on top of that mint oil helps improve blood circulation boosting growth even more. Making it a triple threat for Toxique Girls everywhere.

  • Keep It Clean With Castor

    Castor contains Ricinoleic acid. A powerful compound with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Making it a must have for maintaining a healthy scalp by fighting the bad bacteria that can harm your hair and slow it's growth.

So, Why Toxique Girl?

The science can get a little bit complicated, but not all essential oils are created equal. The herbs and plants used can vary in quality, and lots of things can effect them. Everything from the soil they grew in to how hot it was that year. And that can effect the amount of each natural compound that's in an essential oil.

These are compounds that grow, strengthen and thicken your hair. Toxique Girl uses a variety of natural filtering and blending methods to make sure you have enough of these compounds to do what you want it to.

That's α-Pinene, 1,8-cineole, camphor, borneol, menthol, ricinoleic acid and a host of other phytosterols. We're so confident in our product that if after 3 months of using it twice a week you don't have thicker more luscious hair we'll give you your money back!

Premium Quality All Natural

Toxique Girl's oils are 100% natural, fair trade and fully sustainable.

Everything is packaged and manufactured in the USA in FDA registered facilities meaning you can be sure your hair is in good hands.

And because we use nothing but pure oils there's none of the nasties that make their way into the big brand products. Yes, that's right, there's nothing Toxic about Toxique.

Each pack contains pure Argan Oil, Rosemary, Mint and Castor to help your hair grow thick and luscious to give you the confidence you deserve.

Stay Toxique girls!

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Real Life Customers

Here's what a few of our customers had to say!


Lia Krasteva

"After spending time on The Bachelor, my hair was a complete mess, split, dry and generally destroyed after weeks of heavy handed treatments for the show. Using Toxique helped it get back to the way it was before. I was terrified I was just going to have to cut half of it off. Fortunately I still have my hair thanks to Toxique."


Annie R

"I'm not really sure what went wrong with my hair, but it just started to frizz and split, I was a little bit sceptical when I heard about all the rosemary oil trends on tiktok, but I found Toxique and gave it a try. I really liked that it came in a ready to go set up, everything I needed in one package so I didn't have to worry about mixing too much in etc. Anyway, suffice to say it works and my hair is better than ever!"


Kim W

"So why Toxique? Convenient, pretty good value, I was paying more just for my argan oil before, and their stuff is really good. It's definitely high quality. I've been doing the rosemary and argan oil treatments forever. And honestly Toxique has been my favorite brand with really consistent quality."